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(Left photo) IFESH volunteer Alexander Harrison lecturing student teachers in Ziguinchor, Senegal. (Right photo) IFESH volunteer educator, Mark Bloom takes notes during a local village meeting in Senegal.


The IFESH-Senegal office was established in June 2008. Our goal is to strengthen and improve access to and quality of education in Senegal, especially among young girls, by supporting and promoting the implementation of education reform. We accomplish this by providing qualified and experienced American volunteer educators in teacher training colleges and teacher development centers and by supporting and developing effective in-service training.

Under the USAID-funded Africa Education Initiative, we work with the Ministry of Education at the regional level to upgrade education standards among middle school teachers in rural communities and quality teaching methodologies that stress gender equity and the development of learner centered curriculum, including HIV/AIDS awareness. A particular focus is placed on training teachers in Mathematics, Science, English and health.

Current Projects
American Educators for Africa (AEFA)
International Educators for Africa (IEFA)

Past Projects Include
International Fellows Program
Educators for Africa

Country Office Contact Information

Country Rep: Ibrahima Ba

Ministry of Education: Rue Alpha Hachmiyou Tall X Rene Ndiaye

CT/ Anglais Piece 228, BP 405. Dakar, Sengal

Phone: 011-221-338-223-590

E-mail: ibaba9@yahoo.com