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Jim Rollins, former IFESH Educator who was assigned to Addis Ababa University’s SWEEP Project, poses with 2007 Addis Ababa graduates of the SWEEP Project. (From Left to right) Charla Allen, Debebe Ero, Melese getu, and Rollin.


In Ethiopia, we focus on strengthening the capacity among education administrators to develop improved curriculum materials and pedagogy. Emphasis is placed on strengthening the quality of instruction by developing the capacity of Ethiopian teacher trainers in the areas of sociology, methodology, health education, computer skills, basic education and the development of curriculum materials. Since 1995, in partnership with USAID, we have assigned more than 150 volunteers to various teacher training colleges, universities and the Ministry of Education.

We support the Higher Diploma Leaders Program, an initiative of the country's Ministry of Education. Our volunteer educators and local staff were instrumental in introducing the first-ever Master's Degree in Social Work Program in Ethiopia through collaborating with the Social Work Education in Ethiopia Partnership at Addis Ababa University. We also work with local initiatives in preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS and increasing gender equity in education.

Current Projects
American Educators for Africa (AEFA)
Internatioanl Educators for Africa (IEFA)
Capacity Building in Teacher Education Project (CBTEP) II
Support of sub-Saharan Africa Campaign (SOS)

Past Projects Include
Capacity Building in Teacher Education Project
HIV/AIDS Project
Best and Brightest African Bankers Training Project
Schools for Africa Project
International Fellows Program
African Education Initiative Support

Country Office Contact Information

Country Rep: Mamo Mengesha

Address: Kasanchise Via Aware Road Enderase Hotel Area

P.O. Box 80034, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Fax: 011-251-11-5152876

Phone: 011-251-11-5153056

E-mail: ifesh@ethionet.et