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International Fellows Program

Due to lack of funding, we are not accepting applications for this program unless you have at least three years of teaching experience.

The International Fellows Program (IFP) is a nine-month internship for talented recent college graduates and graduate students to provide on-the-job development experience in Africa. Our Fellows provide technical assistance and training to community-based grassroots projects including education, literacy, health development, HIV/AIDS, English as a Second Language, agricultural development, proposal development, managerial training, feasibility studies and small business development. The program began in 1988 in response to the need for technical support of international development nonprofit organizations. To date, we have placed more than 176 Fellows in 28 countries, primarily in Africa, but also in Asia, South America and Australia.

We partner with leading international development organizations who are implementing sustainable development projects in sub-Saharan Africa including Africare, UNAIDS and other agencies, Opportunities Industrialization Centers International, Save the Children and World Cocoa Foundation. In addition, Fellows also serve under our USAID and ECHOES projects as well as assisting host organizations in building sustainable projects.

Upon completion of their assignments, returning Fellows are often employed with recognized development organizations, sometimes those to which they were assigned. This program offers a unique opportunity for participants to contribute technical knowledge and gain practical work experience in economic and social development.

To be eligible for IFESH volunteer programs, you must:

1. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
2. Be a college graduate (advanced degree preferred).

In addition to a completed application, applicants must submit:
A cover letter, a resume, three professional or academic letters of recommendation, copies of college transcripts and a one to two-page typed essay. The essay should include your reasons for applying to volunteer, qualifications and experience for participation, and career objectives.

Assignments are filled based on requests from host countries and institutions for volunteers with specific skills. Complete the application and supporting materials as fully as possible to give yourself the best chance for consideration.

Attention: We currently are not accepting new applicants to our International Fellows Program however, if you have a Masters Degree and three years of teaching experience, we are encouraging you to apply as you will be strongly considered for our International Educators for Africa program and new oppurtunites as they arise.   

We are always happy to hear at any time from potential volunteers to our International Educators for Africa program. However, the deadline to apply for the 2011 - 2012 academic year is March 18, 2011.