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IFESH Conflict Abatement Through Local Mitigation Project trains at-risk youth in the Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, Delta and Rivers States in Nigeria.

Conflict Abatement through Local Mitigation

FESH is implementing the Conflict Abatement through Local Mitigation project funded by USAID-Nigeria. The project focuses on and identifies key contributing factors in high-risk areas that may have grave potential for conflict in the Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, Delta and Rivers States. We prevent and reduce conflict by strengthening the capacity of Nigerian society to address the factors responsible for violent conflicts. Our project goals are to:

• Increase opportunities for positive youth engagement
• Increase "at-risk" youth's exposure to constructive forms of economic, social and political engagement to divert them away from violent conflicts
• Design early warning systems and response mechanisms to predict and prevent violent conflicts in each of the five focal states
• Integrate conflict management and mitigation in education, agriculture, democracy, health, HIV/AIDS and good governance
• Support local, state and federal elections through civic education for election observers and post-election youth advocacy.