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Basketball for Peace

We use basketball as an "entry point" for productive youth engagement and peace building in Nigeria. By working with the Basketball for Peace organization, we are able to establish peace clubs and peace zones in "hot spot" areas of Delta, Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, and Rivers States. Through the project, we have identified peace zones for out-of-school youth and have established peace clubs within secondary schools. Peace zones and peace clubs serve as centers for dissemination of leadership training in conjunction with sports while providing a safe place for youth. We train project participants in conflict mitigation which, when coupled with the peace zones that have been established, has resulted in reduced levels of violence in many areas. The peace zones and peace clubs are also used as voter education centers, civic education and for the collection of early warning data. The Basketball for Peace project operates as a subcontractor of our USAID-funded Conflict Abatement through Local Mitigation Project. During the first year of the project, we made inroads into each of our focal states by establishing 30 peace zones and 90 peace clubs. In 2008, we established 72 peace zones and 30 peace clubs.