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Teachers for Africa Program Forms

Where to Begin!

  • Purchase a 3-Ring Loose Leaf Notebook
  • Download and 3-hole punch the forms and insert in your notebook in the order that is outlined on the website
  • You will need to make 4 copies of the Quarterly Report (TFA Form, 6; and 10 copies of your Timesheet (TFA Form 4)
  • For the Fellows: 9 copies of the Monthly Activity Report (IFP Form 4; and 10 copies of your Timesheet (IFP Form 3)
  • BRING this notebook with you to orientation because we will go over the contents during there, PLUS you will need to take it with you to Africa.

Click for Forms!

Please email Mr. Momodou Mambouray at mams@ifesh.org to confirm that you have completed your binder by July 24th.

To obtain the forms below please download them to your computer for printing. This can be done best by right clicking on one of the links below. A menu will open from which you must choose "Save Target As ...". Then chose where on your hard drive you wish to store the file and click the save button.

Below is a an example of what it might look like when you right click.

You may chose from either .doc format, which requires Microsoft Word or .pdf which requires Adobe Acrobat to view.

Download Forms

1 Confidential Information (.doc or .pdf)
2 Parental Agreement (.doc or .pdf)
3 Evaluation of Supervisor (.doc or .pdf)
4 Time Sheet (.doc or .pdf)
5 Participant Agreement (.doc or .pdf)
6 Stipend Payment Instructions (.doc or .pdf)
7a Quarterly Reports AEIS (.doc or .pdf)
7b Quarterly Reports Fiche (.doc or .pdf)
8 Evaluation of Country Representative (.doc or .pdf)
9 In Country Adjustment Form (.doc or .pdf)
10 Health Tips for Travelers (.doc or .pdf)
11 AEIS Baseline Form (.doc or .pdf)
Or Download the Forms All at Once.

The above files have been combined as one larger file to make printing easier. If you choose this method keep in mind that the download will take longer on dial-up connections.

Download Entire Binder as a Single File (.pdf only, 1.25 meg file size)